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OVERVIEW --- The Innovation Affinity Group offers comprehensive management and operational consulting services that include assessment and analysis, seminars, workshops, coaching, and customized training & education programs geared toward a client's specialized needs and circumstances. We feature a team-based approach, using recently developed concepts of team resource management.

FOCUS WITH IMPLEMENTATION --- Our in-depth approach entails focused, interactive sessions with groups and individuals at all appropriate levels within a client's organization, and the creation of plans and implementation processes for achieving competitive success.

TOOLKIT --- We provide clients with the knowledge and tools to realize their goals in a self-sufficient manner, in a reasonable amount of time.

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We view a successful organization as being composed of two major parts, INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL & CRITICAL SUPPORT FUNCTIONS, each containing several key elements. We are prepared to address each of these elements, as appropriate, in helping clients to achieve and sustain competitive success, but with a focus on whole-system performance.


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Note: Our programs are structured to serve a client's specific operating model and cultural orientation.