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About Us


IDENTITY --- We are thought leaders, knowledge agents, coaches, tutors, provocateurs, network brokers, liaisons, catalysts, generalist-specialists, and improvisers. We represent a cross-functional, wide range of background and experience. We are gregarious, energetic, and discreet. And we are fun to work with and brighten up your day!


VISION --- We believe all good things start with clarity of vision!

CREATIVITY & INNOVATION --- There is a creativity crisis in America! Furthermore, we believe that an incomplete understanding of creativity and innovation, and an inability to incorporate them effectively into organizations, lead to thwarted visions, goals, and accomplishments.

ORGANIZATIONAL THOUGHT & REASONING --- Likewise, irrational, uncritical thinking, and misunderstanding or outright disregard of basic principles of organization and communication needlessly limit a surprising number of human enterprises and decisions. But the task of learning and implementing these vital tools of operation does not have to be monumental!

SIMPLICITY --- We hold a fundamental belief that overly elaborate, complicated systems of knowledge and analysis are counterproductive to efficient operations and success in any enterprise. New, profoundly relevant research and experience bear out this contention. Thus, the level of knowledge we assume in the many subjects we introduce is consistent with what is taught in college by the sophomore or junior year in a comprehensive liberal arts education. This does not preclude our belief in, or incorporation of, advanced learning and applications. Furthermore, it is recognized that the proper, effective use of any knowledge or tool must be guided by experience and wisdom, which in some cases may require many years to achieve.

DIVERSITY & CROSS-FUNCTIONALITY --- There is power and efficiency in organizations and operations comprised of diverse, cross-disciplinary teams and team networks. In many cases, it is important that these teams and networks not be overly specialized. However, it is also essential to understand and incorporate specialist functions within individual teams and in a broader, whole-system context. How well the whole system works is the vital key to success.

IMPACT --- As important, to achieve success we believe it is critical to impact all levels and managerial hierarchies within a client's organization.


ART & SCIENCE --- The Innovation Affinity Group-LLC approaches the achievement of a client's competitive success as a systematic process that is both a science and an art. We embrace a client's goals from a generalist-specialist perspective that entails the synthesis and integration of numerous specialist disciplines into an overarching framework and capability. Virtually all enterprises operate as a system, and therefore should be treated as such, rather than fragmentally.

TOOLKIT --- We train and coach clients in the expansive, liberating processes of creativity and innovation, and present them with practical, effective applications of quantification, metrics, psychology, critical thinking, organization, and communication to help them vastly improve their enterprise's strategies and decisions. We provide clients with functional, easy-to-use concepts and tools customized to their needs, and the knowledge to apply them effectively in a reasonable amount of time.

TEAMS & CORE COMPETENCE --- An essential feature of our approach is helping clients to structure creative, cross-functional teams consistent with our generalist-specialist philosophy, and to assess and improve the core competencies of those teams. A potentially powerful ingredient of a team's competence lies in generational and cultural diversity, where different age-related and cultural experiences, perspectives, and skills can combine to produce a versatile, hybrid strength.

FUN --- Our approach is hands-on, serious, and fun!


VERSATILITY --- The principles and tools employed by The Innovation Affinity Group-LLC are fundamental, versatile, and all encompassing. Therefore they apply to a wide range of clients. Types of clients we serve include manufacturers, corporations, service-oriented companies, software firms, R&D labs, marketing organizations, educational institutions, engineering firms, artistic enterprises, scientific groups, and government agencies.

CUSTOMIZATION --- While versatile, our basic approach for achieving competitive success is structured and customized to accommodate a client's unique character, specific operating model, and cultural orientation.